Tyne Runner by Margo Selby


The Tyne runner by Margo Selby is a technically complex design achieved with twelve harmonious colours in a geometric progression. Chromatically subtle, in blues, lilac-grey, teal and marine, with a tonal range from navy to ecru. The orthogonal linearity, narrow or broad, and regular or varying, makes for visual depth and interest.

To realise this design, the artisan weavers have achieved an ambitious feat, pushing the boundaries of the craft. Each rug is handwoven by highly skilled practitioners on two warp beams that interlace the wool yarns. It is a warp-faced format, more typically used for simple stripes in just a few colours - the Tyne design takes this simple principle and expands its potential.

Dimensions: 2.3m x 0.8m (7ft. 7in. x 2ft. 8in.)

Materials: 100% Indian Chokla Wool - natural, durable, versatile, sustainable.

Hand Loom: Specific to orthogonal designs, warp-faced hand loom rugs are traditionally woven on a horizontal loom. During the making process - a technique similar to that of velvet - makers insert rods into the warp, determining the depth of the pile height, which is then cut;  the resultant rug is dense and sumptuous. 

Care: Dry clean recommended