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Artist Member Maker of the Month – March 2020

Artist Member Maker of the Month – March 2020

Our Artist Member maker of the month is Chung Tyson.  Their work is on display here in the gallery throughout the year.

“Chung Tyson Workshop are architect-makers Ming Chung and Nick Tyson, a practice that encompasses design, making and teaching. They are interested in the inventive use of architectural materials and explore qualities of hand-craft alongside digital fabrication techniques.

Their studio is located in a converted turn-of-the-century Coach House and a self-built brick annexe in Manchester. The spaces share a courtyard garden which brings in natural light and visually connects the various activities taking place during a working day.

The design process often begins with conversation that involves sketching and engaging with materials, making mock-ups and prototypes to test proportions/dimensions set out in computational drawings. This process can be both open ended or flow back and forwards depending on the challenges of the project.

Materials for objects and furniture are appropriated from architectural projects. Natural timbers, engineered plywood and linoleum used in bespoke interiors are repurposed, employing a finer set of details. Only natural materials are used, procured from managed and renewable resources, that bring a level of tactility to everyday objects.

The apparent simplicity of the completed objects aims to reveal the design and making process, through careful consideration of detail and assembly, elevating everyday objects into something useful and elegant



SIDE is an accent table for placing your occasional items.

The linoleum lined tray and profiled plywood legs consider asymmetry and balance. A simple repeating leg reveals a chamfered edge and corner with an off-set mitre, a detail that gave us the greatest challenge to maintain structural integrity and a lightweight character.

The design integrates small-scale batch production alongside hand-made bespoke details. Using materials found in architecture – phenolic plywood is typically used for casting concrete and is given a different appreciation when used as the primary material for making furniture.

SIDE is made using the combination of an open source digital CNC machine and analogue tools, hand finished in a limited production run for the Bluecoat Display Centre.

Available in two types of birch plywood and classic linoleum colours.

Materials: Natural Birch Faced Plywood | Salsa Furniture Linoleum, Phenolic Film Faced Plywood | Olive Furniture Linoleum, Plywoods from FSC & PEFC Certified Forests, Furniture Linoleum Desktop forbo.com