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Bruno Schooling

Bruno Schooling

June 2023

Manchester Metropolitan University Graduate Award 2022

Bruno is a multidisciplinary object maker, with an inquisitive, process-driven approach to materials and making. His ongoing, practice-based research project; Ground, has been an exploration of how cooking and craft practices are intrinsically linked through provenance and place. This sensitive body of work hopes to engage his audience with the importance of a circular approach to working, not only through ceramics but also through cooking and organic farming methods.

Bruno will often reference and research traditional craft practices and further reconceptualize them through his narrative-driven, lo-fi approach to materials and making. Alongside this, collaboration is critical to Bruno’s wider practice, from his consistent interest in the relationship between environment, maker, and material to the collaboration of differing crafts and practices.

His professional, cross-disciplinary approach underpins Ground. Through collaborating with farmers, chefs, and butchers, Bruno has utilized local materials and by-products to create a series of narrative-led, ceramic objects that characterise the landscape of the bone and clay’s origin, whilst responding to the ethos of seasonal, nose-to-tail cooking.

A selection of Bruno’s work will be available to purchase through our online shop.