Emerging Makers 2023

Emerging Makers 2023

31 August – 14 October 2023

Featuring recent graduates and emerging makers working across a range of disciplines and media, this show highlights the ‘makers to watch’ of 2023.

This year, we have looked at the Green Grads display at Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair 2022. Green Grads make contemporary craft which is high quality, well designed and sustainable. We have also researched recent new makers from presentations including Fresh at the British Ceramics Biennial, as well as Collect and the Crafts Council’s new makers selections over the past couple of years, to offer more of a general overview of ‘makers to watch’.

“Our vision is to fuel UK environmental action with new talent from UK Universities” – Green Grads

Makers include: wood by Sandy Buchanan & Christoph Kurzman; ceramics by Claudette Forbes, Isobelle Hayes, Gerald Mak & Martha Wiles; glass by Hannah Baxendale; leather by Iseabal Hendry; willow by Simon Redstone; metal by Studio Hancock; and mixed media by Flod UK.

With thanks to Ann-Marie Franey from the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair and Barbara Chandler & Michael Czerwinski from Green Grads for their support with researching this display.

With more work to be added soon...