Tapestry #Solstice by Björk Haraldsdóttir


A ceramic vessels made from white stoneware clay with black slip - which has been skilfully removed to create a two-tone monochrome pattern - and red glaze.

"I started my ‘pattern journey’ referencing to old textile work and stitching patterns from Iceland and the Nordic Culture. This has developed over time into patterns inspired by ideas and images I come across in nature and daily life. I am constantly working into the pieces ‘making stiches’ or lines of weave and the result is often cloth-like in appearance. The ceramics are mostly built in stoneware clay and painted with slip which is then scraped back to reveal the base material in two-tone monochrome patterns.  The scrape marks are visible and the surface is a plane of shallow relief, much like a tapestry. The tactile nature of these pieces is important -they are an invitation to touch, much like one would like to handle a draped cloth." - Björk Haraldsdóttir

Dimensions: (H) 29 x (W) 21 x (D) 8.5 cm